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Each pin is in virtually mint condition (with one of the larger ones, and the smaller one in actual mint condition). Enameling on the two pins is nearly perfect, with just slight wear on the third pin. Obviously, only one pin was worn during the period. The document identifies the holder of Gold Party Pin number 47077 as "Heinrich Staab." The two larger style pins are the highly sought-after "military style" pins that were designed to be worn using loops sewn to the uniform. The much more common "safety pin" type are considered by hobbyists to be the civilian style pin. Each piece exhibits superb construction, beautiful enamel work. To give you an idea of how rare a military-style pin set with three matching pins, AND the document, are . . . this is the first set like this that I have EVER owned. However, if you want someone else's opinion, why not ask the acknowledged expert . . . this set has been physically inspected by noted authority John Pepera, and found to be, in his words, "superlative" and "extraordinary" and "Exceptionally rare." Those are his words, and I agree. These are expensive, but the rarity and condition make this a set worth every penny.
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Gold Party Pin Set, Complete, with Document#620

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