German Militaria

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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Price: $3,995.00 - Each
Shipping  $40.00 Per Order
Have you ever wished you could display your DE, but cannot because you're missing the "unobtainium box" that everybody is missing?  Look no further.  I have gone to great lengths to personally hand-craft a replica that to the naked eye looks 99% original.  My design is based upon my original DE box, which I reverse-engineered to produce these replicas.  Hollow wood interior, full-brass stamped front, rear and side-plates, correctly-sized screws, and most importantly, 100% accurate finishes and dimensions.  Each box takes me over 30 hours to produce (and months of research and material sourcing), and I've been known to completely strip and refinish a box when the color is not right.  I can deliver "Munich" boxes within 3 to 4 weeks of your order, but will shortly be in a position to produce Fritz Todt, Danzig, Salsburg, and a Totenkopf box.  Please note: the price here is for a pre-order of one of the aforementioned boxes.  If you want a Munich box, please deduct $500 from the purchase price.  I am going to produce no more than 10 of these, so if you need one, buy it now!
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Museum Quality Deutschland Erwache Box Copy#6068

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