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This is a fantastic example of the brown leather officer's belt with an open face pebbled buckle. This would work with many different types of uniforms: Army, Luftwaffe, SA, RAD, NSDAP, among others. The exterior is like new, with a rich, deluxe glossy finish to the quality brown leather. The length of the leather measures 38.5 inches, 36.25 inches to the last set of holes, and 27.75 inches to the first set of holes.  The inside is lined with a brown wool, which is found on higher grade belts and serves to protect the uniform from abrasion or staining from the leather. The wool has some slight mothing only. Nice belts are very tough to find and generally you can't find one when you need one! This one is in mint condition except for the backing wool and need never be upgraded. A beauty!
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Brown Leather Officer Belt#601

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