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Before Himmler was the architect of doom for millions of people, he was a child. And when he was 15 years old, this was his mathematics book. It is filled with his handwriting.

On the cover of this booklet, written in Himmler's own hand, are the words "Algebraheft (Graphischdarstellung), Himmler, Heinrich, 6. Kl. A" which translate "Algebra booklet, (graphs), Heinrich Himmler, sixth grade."  The booklet contains 11 fully annotated pages, several blank pages, and a few razor-removed pages (common practice in German elementary schools during the period, when saving and re-using school supplies). While the subject matter is not really important, this is one of the earliest example known to me of Himmler's handwriting. It exhibits the exact same style and penmanship we see on all of his subsequent "official" writings. In summary, if you ever wanted to own a piece of history that nobody else will have, this is it.

Please note: This item was the subject of a very detailed analysis on (click here), as a possible high-end forgery.  The booklet was sent to noted autograph expert Alexander Auctions for analysis.  According to expert sources, they could find nothing internally wrong with this document.  In addition, it was compared to a known original Himmler Diary from the period, and found to match with respect to style and penmanship.  Please take the time to read the entire thread.  This piece almost went into the shredder!

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Himmler School Book Writing#60

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