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One of the rarest production hats of the III. Reich period, this is an enlisted ranks kepi for the short lived SA Feldjägerkorps. ?This military police force existed between late 1933 and April 1935, with the special kepi phased out in May 1935. ?As it was a small organization, anything pertaining to the FJK is rare, and kepis and uniforms are virtually impossible to find. ?This is a mint example with the correct features that differ from a standard SA kepi. ?The kepi is made of olive brown wool rather than the mottled brown color used by the SA.? Several reproductions exist and have sold on the market, with the tell-tale sign being the use of "normal" tan wool.?? Color band is white wool with a faint diagonal weave. Instead of a button, the golden Feldjägerkorps Prussian style star is installed on the wool flap, with 1st style aluminum finished SA eagle above. Brown double ventilation grommets in each side. The inside is like a standard kepi with horsehair stiffening fabric sides, waterproof orange/brown top lining, leather sweatband, and RZM label (1935 vintage) sewn into the cap. The kepi shows age and handling but nearly no headwear, and can not be upgraded (assuming another ever hits the market!).? Please note: there is indication that the eagle is replaced, by the presence of two tiny holes visible only from the interior of the cap.? I have never seen an original cap for sale, and therefore don't know what to charge for it.? I feel the asking price is very fair considering the extreme rarity.

Rare SA Feldjaegerkorps Kepi#5989

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