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A 1934 dated ring named to Hans Wellershaus, coming complete with research file, and Don Boyle certificate. The photos will more accurately describe the condition of the ring than I can, so I will focus on this officer's personnel history. Wellershaus joined the NSDAP in 1930, and as of 1933, was an SS Sturmführer in the Allgemeine SS. In 1934, he was assigned to Himmler's staff. In 1936, he was assigned to the staff of the Race and Settlement Main Office. At some unknown date, Wellershaus was transferred to the 2nd SS Guard Battalion "Elbe" of the Totenkopfverbände, located at Lichtenburg. He was later assigned to the TK group "Sachsen" which was located at Buchenwald concentration camp. Before his death in 1937, he was reassigned to SS Totenkopfstandarte 3 "Thüringen." Research file contains a photo of him, in addition to the basic pages from which the above information was taken.
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TK Ring Wellershaus#5141

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