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This very famous gun was surrendered by Herman Göring to 1st Lt Jerome Shapiro when he arrested the Reichsmarshall on the road outside Radstadt on 6 May 1945.  Göring requested permission from Shaprio to retain his .38 revolver (unloaded) on his person, to surrender to General Eisenhauer.  To consumate his surrender to Shapiro, who turned Göring over to General Stack hours later, he offered this pistol in surrender, to Shapiro.  The pistol, which is a gold plated PPK in the original red leather case, has irrefutable provenance that follows the gun from that day until the present date.  Included is the original sales contract between the Shapiro family and Ron Lane, who first purchased the gun from Shapiro in the 1970s, a notarized statement from Lane when he first auctioned the pistol at James Julia auctions, as well as notarized statements from soldiers who were with Lt Shapiro when the gun was captured (assembled by the 3rd owner, Mark Gould).  All documentation lists the gun by serial number.  The gun was recently sold again at James Julia auction, but this time, without any of the above-stated provenance.  Gould had given the gun as collateral for financing his exploits as a Nazi Hunter, but cleverly retained the provenance.  His backers, unsatisfied with Gould's progress, attempted to sell the gun through James Julia, but without Gould's provenance present.  Therefore, the gun sold for a fire sale price.  The new owner has obtained said provenance which is now reunited with the gun, and has consigned everything to us for display and possible sale.

Please contact me with questions about this item.
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Herman Goering Surrender Gun#5136

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