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This is a beautiful, multi purpose hanger by the well known Lüneschloss company, whose trademark was the 3 legged swastika. The brown leather body is supple and has not been oiled or otherwise darkened--it is like new. It's backed with wool, which was meant to protect the tunic when used over the tunic. The clip is nickel plated, as is the D ring and adjustment button. This piece was likely intended for use with an Army Officer's Saber, but would also be used with a dagger. The D ring can be attahced to an under the tunic strap, an over the shoulder strap, or, by adjusting the button, on a belt either under or over the tunic. The 3 legged Swastika Lüneschloss logo included the word "Hakenstern" next to it, meaning 'hooked star'. This is the perfect accompaniment to any saber or dagger. A super example!
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Sword Hanger#508

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