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Deluxe presentation hunting spear tip given by Fritz Julius Kuhn to Herman Göring.  Kuhn was the leader of the German American Bund prior to World War II.  For a complete history of this fascinating individual, click here.  The spear is a very heavy steel affair, with etchings on both sides.  One side features the title (in German of course) The Greater German Hunting Association).  The reverse features the etched phrase "Original Eickhorn Blanke Waffen."  The base is adorned with a band of joined swastikas, above which the 1935-41 Eickhorn trademark is etched.  The piece suffers almost no wear, and only a couple of very tiny rust spots that do not detract.  The piece his housed in a presentation leather and skin case (the skin appears to possibly be pig skin).  The silver presentation plate features the dedication Kuhn to Göring  and identifies this as a hunting gift.  At some point, someone nailed the leather to something, piercing the silver plate and the leather.  Kuhn is known to have been in Germany in 1936 for the Olympic Games in Berlin.  According to the link above, his trip was designed to promote his position in America as the "American Fuhrer" of the NSDAP there.  It is perhaps for this reason that he gave this gift to Göring, and no doubt gave other gifts to high-ranking NSDAP officials to gain favor.

Eickhorn Presentation Spear, Herman Göring Presented#4978

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