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The Auxiliary Cruiser Badge (Kriegsabzeichen für Hilskreuzer) was instituted by Raeder in April 1941 to recognize the heroic actions of the armed German merchant ships. These ships, masquerading as neutral cargo vessels, would sink Allied merchant vessels until they themselves were sunk. This is a mega mint tombak version of the badge, with the high quality early separately riveted globe insert. The gilding is still bright and magnificent, and the globe's silver finish is equally bright and glowing. The tapered pin, hinge and catch are undamaged and textbook. The badge is unmarked, which is nearly always the case with the Auxiliary Cruiser badge. An added bonus is the cardboard box, in which the badge would have been originally delivered or sold. Because these boxes are somewhat nondescript, they were usually discarded, as with any packaging, so they are quite hard to find. The box is also textbook and in excellent condition. This is a classic, high quality, mint textbook example of a beautiful badge!
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Navy Auxiliary Cruiser Badge in Distributor Box#493

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