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This is an outstanding repository of propaganda history that truly belongs in a museum, where it can be digitized and played on a screen for visitors.? It is a COMPLETE set of Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) propaganda slides that were produced. ?This set consists of 24 strips each housed in a labeled film canister.? On each strip is a series of photos that serve as a study session for various Hitler Youth classes.? Each film canister is labeled "Bildband für die Schulung in der H.J."? The side of each canister is labeled with the subject matter of the film. ?Titles are as follows:

Gesundes Leben (Healthy Living)
Erbkranker Nachwuchs (Offspring with Congenital Diseases)
England (United Kingdom)
Unsere Wehrmacht, Teil I (Our Armed Forces, Part I)
Unsere Wehrmacht, Teil II (Our Armed Forces, Part II)
Unsere Wehrmacht, Teil III (Our Armed Forces, Part III)
Jugend Hilft dem Bauern (Youth Helps the Farmer)
Du hast die Pflicht, gesund zu sein (Your duty to be healthy)
Vom Nordischen Blut (From Nordic Blood)
Ordnung der Arbeit (loosely translated,Discipline of Labor)
Deutsche Weihnachten (German Christmas)
Deutsche Vorgeschichte (Early Pre-German History)
Lebendige Welt (The Living World)
Der Polenkrieg (The Polish War)
Deutschtum im Weichselland (Germans in the Weichsel River Region)
Heim aufs Land (Back home to the Country)
So lebten unsere Vorfahren (How our Forefathers Lived)
Von der alten zur neuen Armee (From the Old to the New Army)
Deutschland Erwache (Germany Awake)
Adolf Hitler (Who is that?)
Jugend im Kriegseinzatz (Youth's Duty in the War)
Weisses Gold (White Gold)
Legion Condor (Spanish Unit that served in the Spanish Civil War)
Unsere Kolonien (Our Colonies)

Included in the set are a complete set of texts or guides to each strip.? Conceptually, a class of to-be-indoctrinated youth would assemble in a classroom, where they would be led in a discussion, based upon the pictures and the study guides. The strips are all in perfect condition, and the box suffers from some age and splitting.

HJ / Hitler Youth Slide Film Strip Set#4904

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