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This is a textbook example of the Berg & Nolte pilot's badge. Most of their pilot's badge production was in Tombak, as is this badge. B & N pilot's badges are easily distinguished from those of other makers by their very convex wreath, fine rivets, and very well designed eagle. They are also heavier quality than most and very nicely hand finished. This lovely badge shows just enough wear to have character and to indicate that it was actually worn by a flier. The black finish is typically worn on the obverse, and the wreath still shows some of its original protective lacquer and frosting. The catch appears to have a bit of extra solder holding it--this may be how it was produced, or the original recipient may have had it slightly reinforced or resoldered. Again, this adds the charm to the piece, and indicates that the badge was actually worn rather than spending the war in a drawer or on a shelf. The case is typical for this maker, with a dark blue leatherette covered exterior and lid emblazoned in gold letters "Luftwaffen=Flugzeugführer=Abzeichen". The interior base is nicely raised and covered with thick blue velvety flocking which shows no fading. There is a small pressure separation on the lower right of the base, which looks like the lower edge of the badge was pushed in too hard at some point. This likely occured when the veteran transported it back in his duffle bag. The exterior of the case shows normal wear and handling. Overall a beautiful, jewel-like example of a highest quality badge.
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Cased Pilots Badge by Berg & Nolte, Lüdenscheid#49

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