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This is as MINT as you can find on this rare Deluxe Hunting dagger.? Manufactured exclusively by Eickhorn, this particular example features the ultra-rare "Roebuck" on the clamshell (most feature a fowl).? To my knowledge, there are less than 10 of these known in the world, this being arguably the finest example anywhere.? This piece was authenticated by Houston Coates many years ago, who is a recognized authority on hunting and forestry daggers.? This piece features lacquer on most of the fittings, a stone mint blade.? It is one of the few models featuring the Eickhorn logo in the "upside down" position: something common to ever one of these variations.? Got an extra Eickhorn tag?? Hang it on this one and it won't be out of place.

Deluxe Hunting Association Dagger, Gem Quality#4817

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