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I purchased this bayonet at this year's SOS, and was fascinated by the custom knot that adorns this otherwise normal police bayonet.  It appears that the original wearer embroidered the standard knot cord with a material of some sort.  It's got red thread stitched through the center, and what appears like pink flowers behind it.  I have NO idea how to explain this, other than to say that no collector in his right mind would ever do this.  I'm not charging extra for it, but thought it was neat enough to pick up.  Bayonet is nice - a rarer E. Pack & Sohn.  Numbers on the bayonet do not match the scabbard, which is a situation often encountered.  Blade is clean with no rust, and scabbard elather shows bulges typical of aged leather, but no rips or tears or dry-rot.  Comes complete with black leather frog, marked Berlin.

Police Bayonet with Custom Knot, by E Pack & Sohn#4616

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