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A 4-band turkish damascus SS NCO Sword.  Blade is 29 inches long, and features a very robust 4-band pattern, commonly seen on the SS Birthday degens.  Blade to scabbard fit is tight, scabbard is perfectly proportional to the blade.  White buffer pad is present.  Handle retains 95% or better of the black painted wood.  Scabbard shows slight wear, but retains most of the paint.  Please note: I added this knot to the piece, but it is a beautiful and original example of the SS NCO knot.  Tang is marked Echt Damaszener.  This would have been created most likely by Paul Muller or one of his assistants, and is an outstanding example of what his forge at Dachau was capable of.  Regular NCO SS swords go for $3000 to $4000 in this condition, so for a reasonable multiple, you get an artifact whose rarity and craftsmanship far exceeds that multiple.


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SS NCO Sword, Damascus Blade#4583

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