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This is a really awesome ring.  A 1934 dated ring in virtually mint condition (I'd rate it 98%).  This officer attained the rank of SS Oberführer (Senior Colonel).  Having joined the NSDAP in 1925, he was a Golden Party Badge holder.  His career is very colorful - he was a member of the Reichstag, for the electoral district of Franken, a hotbed of Nazism.  Comes with a very thick research file, that includes a photo of the officer (rare to find).  Also included is a photo of him standing behind Himmler and Darre (he's in the left most side of the photo).  Also included is his promotion document to SS-Standardtenführer, hand-signed by Heinrich Himmler.  Also included is a large format photo of Darre, dedicated to Schubert and dated 1935 (in the original frame).  Awesome group here.

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Totenkopf Ring, Schuberth, 1934 Date#4536

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