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This is an outstanding Krebs SS Officer Sword, of very early vintage.  Grip is nearly flawless on this example, with no chips or dents.  Handle is solid nickel silver, as is the upper scabbard fitting.  Pommel nut is the "step down" variety, and retains the inner locking cap that shows that this sword has not been tampered with.  D ring and upper scabbard fitting are marked with the "SS" cartouche.  Scabbard retains 98% of original paint, and exhibits one tiny dent on the reverse of the scabbard - easily fixed, but I have not bothered to do so (Wittmann's repair guy can probably do this for about $75).  Blade is Krebs marked, and is in mint condition, except for the tip, where there is a bit of rust (see photos).  This is an outstanding sword, very long length.  Scabbard fittings retain most of the factory protective lacquer, and exhibit NO screws on the lower scabbard fitting, which is correct for a sword of this vintage.
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SS Officer Sword, Krebs#4506

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