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A super quality Kriegsmarine (War Navy) officer's dress dagger. The hammered scabbard is striking, and the scabbard bands are beautifully detailed. Not only the oakleaf designs to the bands but also the small fittings to which the scabbard rings attach are wonderfully designed. The blade is a beauty, with a sharp and stylish etch on both sides and is bright, minty and crisp. The pommel eagle is one of the better designed models and is well defined and executed. The grip is cream colored and excellent. The portepee exhibits quite a bit of wear (mainly to the knot) but is tight and correctly tied to the crossguards. Most of the fragile firegilt finish has gone, due to use and wear, but overall the piece is in excellent condition and makes a masterful display.

Kriegsmarine (Navy) Dagger by Horster, Hammered Scabbard#448

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