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This is a rare opportunity to own a Knight's Cross that was acquired from a living veteran, as well as a cross that is changing the body of Knight's Cross research knowledge, as we know it.? It is a mint-conditioned 800/4 by S&L (an A type), that?I personally acquired from the living veteran who got it out of SchloƟ Klessheim, just before the war ended.? The cross itself is in mint condition, as is the ribbon.? Box shows very minor age.? Until this discovery, no example of a cross so-marked, was documented as having come from a pre-armistice source.? This one is featured in a Dietrich Maerz article, and is the cross that has now answered the heretofore debatable question of whether or not the 800/4 Knight's Cross is a wartime produced cross.? Until the discovery of this cross, it was thought that these crosses could be post-war.? Well, no longer.? In summary, a mint cross, a very rare cross, and one that is the first of it's type to be authenticated as original by Maerz. ?

Knight's Cross 800/4, Ground Breaking#4437

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