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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

This is a stunning piece, fresh out of the woodwork from the Dallas area.  It's one of those few cases where you see an unmarked damascus blade and you get an unequivocal "yes" in the authenticity department.  Exterior is phenomenal, and grip is made of a very thick and beautiful celluloid grip of some sort.  It's made of something very unique, and has striations as if they were trying to create artificial ivory.  Fittings are sharp and crisp.  Dagger blade itself is stunning - a combination maidenhair and small rosebud.  Stick tang is ground down enough that the original tang markings are not visible anymore.  Gilting to the pommel swastikas is about 90%.  The photos do not do this blade justice - it shimmers like platinum when you hold it in your hands.
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Luftwaffe Dagger with Damascus Blade#4395

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