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For the price, you can't hope to own a neater piece of history.  This is an extraordinary presentation damascus sword that has never been on the market before.  Purchased directly out of the woodwork recently, this is a unique, one-of-a-kind presentation sword given to a Fahnenjunker in the 4th Queen Augusta Guards Grenadier Regiment in 1913, on the occasion of his leaving the unit after 3 years service.  Google the name "Walter von Boltenstern" and you'll see that this young NCO went on to become a Division commander and Knight's Cross winner during World War II!  The sword comes with this General's Third Reich record, compliments of Mike Constandy.  The sword itself features a one-of-a-kind heavily gilted clamshell handle design, which has the dates 1861-1886 on the guard and on the blade.  The dates represent the 25 year anniversary of Queen Augusta's honorary command of Garde Grenadier Regiment Nr. 4 and as a memento, all active officers of the regiment were presented with the "Augustaner-Degen".  This was a unique design used only by this regiment. 

Scabbard is painted, and retains 95% of the original paint.  The blade, by WKC, is maidenhair damascus, and features a beautiful raised blue and gold paneling design on both sides of the sword. Von Boltenstern is named on the back of the blade (his full name, so there is no confusion as to who owned this sword).  Obverse reads "From the Officer Korps of the regiment to our Comrade."  The sword is very finely sharpened on the edge, which was commonly done with personal sidearms, before a unit went to war.  It was a tradition for members of a unit to "sharpen their swords" together before leaving for battle.  It was ceremonial of course, because very few officers would fight in hand-to-hand sword combat (thanks to Helmut Weitze for solving the mystery of the sharpening).  A REALLY neat piece of history here with a TON of research potential.

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Presentation Damascus Sword to Knight's Cross Winner#4388

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