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The classic reference by V.E. Bowen, this is a large format 336+ page volume with hundreds of photographs that covers everything you want to know about the history, awarding, and traditions of the Iron Cross, 1813 period through the 1957s.  The book dates from 1986, and though it indicates a first edition, there is a list of addenda 'to the first edition 1986' in the back, so it must be a 2nd edition.  There is also a plethora of additional information that tangentially relates to the Iron Cross's history--the Teutonic Knights, Imperial Pole Tops and sashes, museum holdings, veteran's groups, and much more.  While some of the research has been outdated by more recent books, this volume holds its own, presents a huge amount of information that is not duplicated in newer references, and covers much more than you would expect.   The book is a large soft cover, and the cover shows some tearing to the top layer (it's not torn through but you can see in the photographs what I mean) and yellowing, and the page edges show handling use, but the binding is tight and the pages are in excellent condition.  
It's a must-have for anyone interested in the history and the collecting of the Iron Cross. 
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The Prussian and German Iron Cross by V. E. Bowen, Autographed#4327

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