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A 99.99% mint example of the Luftwaffe officer's sword by SMF.  The leather is perfect, blade is bright and has the maker mark as well as a Waffenamt marking, swastikas retain 100% of their factory gilding, and the leather hanger is strong and undamaged.  The only aspects of the piece that keep it from being 100% are a few pressure marks to the leather scabbard covering (which you can barely see, even in the photographs), a tiny scratch to the pommel on one side, and a few superficial abrasions on the obverse of the blade near the cross guard (which you can also see in the photographs).  The original snap hanger is also still attached, which is in excellent condition as well with the exception of the stitching, which has pulled free around the lower edge, but can easily be repaired if desired. An immaculate example!

This sword is absolutely mint.  I'd almost say 100%, but it's always possible to find SOMETHING wrong with it.  Still, leather is perfect, fittings are 99.9% perfect, blade is phenomenal and easily rates 99%.  Hanger - okay, so I found something wrong.  The hanger stitching has come loose!  There, something for me to complain about, while I basque in the glory of this piece.  Okay, enough with my poetry.  This is for the guy who wants to have one example, put it away, and never worry about the possibility of trying to upgrade.
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Luftwaffe Sword, Stone Mint Condition#4310

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