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This is one of those hats that speak to you.  Manufactured from a smock, this is an example of a field-made cap.  If there were a way to prove that this piece was period made (I think it is), it'd be worth about 3x the price that I'm offering it at.  The problem is, many of these hats were constructed after the war by cutting up smocks (you could make a lot of money in the old days cutting up cheap smocks and sewing M43 caps).  Anyway, the age and wear on this one leads me to believe that it is period sewn.  Hat shows wear, age, some missing stitching, and a thin black canvas lining.  What I really like about this cap is that it has just a bit of a pink soutache sticking out of the seam where the bill meets the body, plus thread-holes from where the Soutache was sewn down.  Neat piece of gear here.
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Custom Army M43 Cap#4243

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