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Thanks to Phil on Wehrmacht-Awards, I'm able to accurately describe this holster.  This unaltered factory holster is marked DLU, which was the code assigned to E. Lüneschloss Solingen.  Below the factory marking is the Waffen Amt marking "WaA127" which was the code assigned to this firm.  Luger holsters can be found (from the 3rd Reich period) in colors ranging from natural russet to black and every shade of brown in between.  Many people believe that tan holsters were exclusive to the Luftwaffe, but the fact is that in the early years, the Army and rural police also used brown and tan holsters.  Ideally, this would be excellent for a Luftwaffe display or a Rural Police uniform, but it would also work with an early Army Officer display as well.  Much harder to find than the black holsters, but not a lot more money.
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Scarce Tan Luger Holster#4193

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