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An early black SS leader's uniform for a OBERSTURMFUHRER assigned to the SS Gerichtsdienst (SS Legal/Court Service).  This was the SS Legal branch which developed the laws and legal codes for the SS, Police, Secret Police, and other organizations under the auspices of the SS.  The uniform is made of an early quality black wool trikot in standard SS Rock form.  4 button front, 2 pleated patch pockets, 2 slash side pockets, and includes a lapel buttonhole, a feature seen in early period photographs of Himmler and other SS leaders.  The rank is Sturmführer with blank unit tab and sleeveband.  This is a very high quality piece with black silk lining, off white silk sleeve lining, and an internal slit for wearing of a dagger or Degen.  The buttonhole NSDAP membership badge was present in the lapel buttonhole when I purchased the uniform and I've left it there. 
The tunic was worn quite a bit, judging from the wear to the front edge where the cross strap would rub against it, pocket flap edges, and so on, so this wasn't sitting in the closet during the III. Reich period. There is a small repaired tear in the (wearer's) right sleeve that you can see in the photos, which looks like it was period mended.
Scarce tunic from a very small department of the SS!
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SS Judicial Service Sturmführer Black Tunic#4155

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