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This is a 100% original Totenkopf ring that was purchased recently, on Ebay of all places.  The ring had been listed by the family of the veteran.  When the ring was pulled for violating Ebay content, the ring was sent to me for authentication and appraisal.  A deal was struck, and we purchased the ring. 

Quite by accident, this ring has been "On Hold" since we received it, but I have just realized the error, and have moved it into the "available" category. 

The ring is worn, and is a 1930s style ring with a clear inscription on the interior.  This officer is researchable, as he is the only officer named Schlegel that appears in the rank lists until 1938.  Of interest, is that this is almost certainly Schlegel's second ring, because he was entitled to wear the ring as far back as 1936. 

Apparently, he must have lost the ring or worn it down, and gotten a replacement, which in this case, was issued with the current-year date used in 1938. This officer does appear in the October 1944 list, so it is likely this officer saw combat and/or service during the war. 

This would be an ideal research project, and getting this man's record would likely reveal an interesting story.
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Totenkopf Ring, Schlegel#4134

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