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A fine formal portrait photograph of Generalleutnant Maximilian Schwandner, with his signature and 'Generallt. u. Kdr. 20. Div.  Hamburg 1.11.38' on the mat.  The photographer, Olga Buckelmann of Hamburg, has also signed the mat.  The reverse is noted that the photograph is the property of Oberstlt. von Esstorff.  The frame is about 8 X 11 inches with the image being about 4.25 x 6 inches.  
Schwandner was promoted to General of the Infantry in 1940 and, interestingly, was at General Lossow's headquarters when Ernst Röhm and members of the SA attempted to seize the compound during the so-called Beer Hall Putsch on  8-9. November 1923.  Schwandner took the call from Lossow ordering the army to put down the revolt!  
Schwandner was retired from the army in 1942, and period autographed photographs of him are seldom found. 
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Generalleutnant Maximilian Schwandner Presentation Portrait#4022

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