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Shipping  $25.00 Per Order
Great deal here.  This is a rare opportunity to purchase and own a Waffen SS General's visor that, although rather "salty" (well worn, showing age and wear), is an original specimen.  The cap features a field repair to the lining and bill, which must have broken during field wear.  Exterior is a fine Trikot material, with a very tight velvet hat band, and been-there-forever silver piping.  The hat has faded over time, and the original color is evident if you pull back the saucer and look nearer to the piping underneath.  Interior is gold silk, and shows age, dirt, and wear.  This hat has never had any other insignia - no extra holes present.  The eagle is an M/172 RZM marked specimen, and I cannot tell what the skull is, because it has obviously never been removed from the visor.  Buttons are the fastener-type, and have also "fused" in place over time.  If you're looking for a stone mint visor, look elsewhere.  However, if you want what is apparently a field worn cap with lots of character, look no further.  Note: This hat is on consignment from another dealer, who will be happy to back it with his lifetime guarantee of authenticity in addition to mine.
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Waffen SS General Visor#3887

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