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This genuine damascus sword is from the 1850s, back when swords were actually used as weapons.  That said, this sword was built for royalty.  I don't just say this because it's a nice sword, but because of the crests that are emblazoned in raised gold on the genuine damascus blade.  The obverse of the blade features the family crest of Franz Joseph I of Austria, Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia and Apostolic King of Hungary from 1848 until 1916.  The owner of this sword, whose initials appear above the King's shield (FA) was a member of the royal family under Joseph, whose family crest is on the back of the blade. My research has shown that the owner of this sword was one of the F├╝rst von Auersperg, a very important Austrian family.  I am sure with some dilligent research, the original owner of this sword could be identified.  The likelihood that there was only one person with these initials that lived in the 1850s - 1860s (the vintage of this sword) is great.  There is a third crest on the pommel, which when researched, will likely be the key to solving this historical puzzle.  The condition of the sword is fabulous given the age.  Damascus pattern is very bright, gold to the raised features on the blade is very strong - a very well preserved blade.  Scabbard shows some wear, but is not severe.
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Damascus Saber, 1850s Vintage#3864

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