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This is a rare, mega mint original full color poster issued in 1941 in honor of the Day of German Police. This was held in conjunction with the WHW collection. Poster art from the III. Reich is very difficult to find. The main reason is that, during the period, posters were meant to be pasted on a wall or kiosk, and subsequently torn off or pasted over after the event. This is a rarity! It's a well designed and dynamic large format poster promoting the 'Tag der deutschen Polizei' (Day of German Police) in 1941, which was held to help raise money for the Winter Relief (WHW), as well as to recognize the police forces at home and in the battlefield. The poster features 2 Policemen, one carrying a large flag, and the other with a rifle. The wording reads 'Tag der Deutschen Polizei 1941 WHW', 'Die Ordnungspolizei im Kriegseinsatz' (The Order Police in War Action' ), and 'Die Polizei Dein Freund, Dein Helfer!'(the Police--your friend, your helper!'). The piece has the artist's name and the colors are still vivid with no fading, tearing, or other damage. The poster is in absolutely mint condition and has never been folded! It was rolled and stored along with 2 other unused posters and only recently discovered in Germany. The poster has been professionally framed and is ready to hang! I'm pleased to be able to offer this beauty, which is absolutely unique! A perfect premium accompaniment to a Police collection and an attractive, if sinister, piece of III. Reich poster art! The frame measures about 25inches by 35 inches. The poster itself would be 23 inches by 32.75 inches.
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1941 Day of German Police Full Color Poster, Archivally Framed #3839

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