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99% mint condition helmet.? Exterior shows 100% original green paint with one or two abrasions.? Eagle decal is 100% with slight toning.? National colors show one or two minor abrasions in the white field.? Chin strap is fully intact, no rotting, and only light surface crazing.? VERY slight wear on the edge of the helmet, from where it has been sitting on a table or display cabinet.? Interior liner shows slight age, but no signs of being worn.? I wish they had parade helmets when I was in the Marine Corps.? What a concept.? Anyway, this is a stunning helmet, and priced hundreds below similar, less conditioned helmets, on other competitor websites (I only found a couple helmets that were good enough to be in the ballpark of this helmet).

Army Double Decal Aluminum Parade Helmet#3828

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