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This is a high quality example of an Army Artillery Officer's visor cap. The cap is made of a fine grade of field grey wool trikot with an eskimo finish. The band is the correct felted wool in dark green, and the lining is of yellow cream colored silk with an unnamed celluloid sweatshield. The wreath is very nicely done in bullion and shows only a slight bit of wear. The cap's exterior shows that it's been worn but not abused, with no damage and no mothing. The interior is somewhat 'salty', with no damage at all but with perspiration and hair oil staning to the lining and darkening to the genuine leather sweatband. The band is marked with the 'Deutsches Leder' logo. There is minor separation of the sweatband beneath and adjacent to the visor but the cap is still solid. The size is approximately 57 or so. The overall appearance is beautiful--custom shaped enough to go with a combat tunic but high quality enough to accompany a dress tunic.
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Army Artillery Officers Visor Cap#380

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