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This is one of the most exciting Gold Party Badge sets I have ever owned.  The primary element of the group is the Large Gold Party Badge that belonged to Jacob Grimminger.  Born in 1892, Grimminger was famous for carrying the Blutfahne, which was the ceremonial flag that allegedly cointained the blood of the martyrs from the 1923 Putsch.  This was the most prized possession of the NSDAP, and was present next to Hitler at all of the major party events.  Grimminger, who was a very key figure in Nazi lore, reached the rank of SS Standartenfuhrer, and literally stood by Hitler's side until the end of the war.  He survived, and due to his high profile, he was tried and convicted by the Allies, and all of his assets were seized.  He died in poverty in Munich in the 1960s.  This gold party pin shows very minor damage to the enamel on the obverse, and retains much of the original gold finish.  Along with the badge comes one of his rings, which is a beautiful agate ring with a cameo portrait of Hitler somehow embedded into the stone.  When you hold the silver ring to the light, you can clearly see Hitler's profile.  Legend has it that this ring was given by Hitler to Grimminger, though I cannot corroborate this.  This well-known set has resided in France for many decades, and was bought directly from Grimminger during his time of poverty, when he sold a lot of his personal effects to raise money to live.  Ulric of England recently had Grimminger's small gold party pin that had a stickpin welded on to the reverse, and so it is possible to reunite these pins someday.
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Gold Party Pin and Ring, Jacob Grimminger#3795

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