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This is the wool bodied Army Tropical Sun Helmet that was the 2nd type issued to German tropical troops in Africa and the Mediterranean areas.  Due to transportation and supply line difficulties, many of these helmets were never issued during the war but were subsequently stamped 'Germany' and exported to the U.S. in the 60s.  This is one of the export examples, and it is maker marked on the sweatband JHS and also stamped Germany (although there is a label partially covering the Germany marking).
The helmet shows age and handling, with a tiny bit of moth nipping to the olive wool fabric covering the removable ventilator button on top, and there is a tear in the red liner shell (shown in the photos) but otherwise it's in extremely nice condition.  Quite often the leather brim edging is deteriorated, but this sun helm features the edging in fine shape with no powdering or deterioration.  No chinstrap but otherwise complete with both side shields.  A solid example and getting hard to find!
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Army Tropical Pith Helmet, 2nd Type#3780

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