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Deutsche Arbeitsfront Ortsgruppe standard for the Schwanheim district of Frankfurt am Main. The flag is a high quality Flaggentuch wool with separately sewn DAF cog wheel and swastika in the center on both sides. The unit patches (one on each side) are constructed of light brown wool with a medium blue edging, and with "ffm. Schwanheim 1" chain stitched in white.? Silver fringe edges the 3 sides of the standard.? The flag's rings were neatly cut off at the thread loops, luckily not affecting the flag itself.? The overall condition is excellent; the flag retains its bright colors and has only very minor age and a moth nip or two.? One of the nicest DAF Orts level standards I've seen in a long time!

DAF Standarte, Frankfurt-Schwanheim Ortswaltung#3768

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