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Infantry Regiment 116 had a long and honored history--first raised in 1813, the unit fought against Napoleon's armies.  Based in Gießen in the Hesse state, it was also very active and noteworthy in WWI.  This is a lovely early Reichsheer drum drape for the unit.  The panels of the drape are hand embroidered on white and provide a mini history of the unit. One panel features a stylized early eagle and swastika with "I.R. 116" in a wreath at the upper corners, and the lion of Hesse on the lower corners.  Another panel has the hand embroidered "Inf. Regt. 116" in a silver oak leaf and acorn wreath.  There is a large beautifully  hand embroidered Iron Cross 1813 and on another panel the same design but with an Iron Cross of 1914.   Each panel is bordered with a thick metal Tresse and metal barrel type fringe along the bottom edges.  The drape retains its fabric ties, which were used to attach the drape to a kettle drum.  Overall the piece is very clean, with only some tiny moth nips here and there.  It's a magnificent piece and would look amazing if properly framed or displayed on a Kesselpauke.
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Army Drum Drape, Infantry Regiment 116#3767

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