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A fine example of the oilcloth identification card for a camp guard at the infamous Dachau Concentration Camp. ?The Ausweis belonged to SS Sturmmann of the Reserve Erwin Peters, and served as ID plus as a permit to carry a pistol while on duty. ?The card includes Peters' original counterstamped photograph, his signature, and the (stamped?) signature of SS Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Alex Piorkowski, who served as commandant from January 1939 through January 1942. ?On the reverse is a message for anyone finding or aiding Peters in case of an accident, indicating they should call the camp commander at the provided telephone number. ?The document is hole punched so it could be inserted into a Leitz file, and has a light red line diagonally, indicating it was most likely replaced with an updated Ausweis. ?It's likely that the Ausweis would have been destroyed by the original owner had that not been the case. This very scarce piece has survived in very fine condition, showing only light age and wear from being carried.?

Ausweis KZ Dachau - Peters#3749

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