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The festivities included a large scale sport competition and exhibition, and this streamer commemorates the event. Whether it was a prize, a streamer for a DRL Standarte, or a wall hanging is unknown at this time. In any case, the workmanship is superb. The streamer is made of artificial silk and is bevo woven with swastika, 'Saar Befreiungs Gaufest des DRL Saarbr├╝cken 18.-25. August 1935', and a finely detailed emblem of the Saar Liberation Gaufest. This is a stylized image of St. George in full armor killing the dragon. In this case, the knight represents Germany and the dragon France. The bottom is edged with red fringe, while the top edge has a row of gold metal Tresse and the original metal hanging bar with decorative finials and clip and chain for hanging. The size is approximately 4 inches by 2.5 feet, so it's an impressive piece. I have not researched the piece, but it's possible that a period photo could be found showing the streamer in use. A wonderful, decorative historical hanging!

Saar DRL Liberation Commemorative Streamer#361

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