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This buckle is quite famous, being the example pictured on the cover of Third Reich Belt Buckles, by Evans.  I don't have my reference in front of me, but I believe it was a prototype RMBO (Eastern Territory Service) High Leader's buckle, and was possibly scheduled to be adopted by NSDAP High Leaders throughout the greater German reich.  It's probably the most famous and highly sought-after buckle in the entire belt buckle collecting field, and is certainly the most impressive and beautiful.  The condition is mint, the manufacturer is Assmann, and the buckle is a good 2x bigger than a typical SS Officer Belt buckle.  It's even larger than the NSDAP gold buckle used on leather belts.  I've stared at this buckle for years in print, and am honored now to own it.
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RMBO High Leader Buckle#3497

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