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A high quality trikot wool SA kepi that was originally part of the well-known Ed Stadnicki collection. ?This exact kepi is pictured in volume 3 of "Headgear of Hitler's Germany" by Wim Saris and Jill Halcomb Smith on pages 406 and 580. ?The kepi is tailored of a top quality mottled SA brown trikot wool with a crimson color band. ?Two matching grommets per side are present, and the top and flap are piped with silver twist cord. ?Below the twist piping is machine sewn a non-standard golden Tresse of metallic weave. ?This combination is not regulation, however period photographs of SA personnel frequently show non regulation combinations of insignia and uniforms, ?so this is not as unusual to find as it would be, for example, to find on a military cap or uniform. ?To quote the reference, "For a short period between July 1933 and February 1934, this (gold Tresse) was permitted for the rank of Standartenführer in districts with a gold button. ?However, when used, the two-colored piping was to be positioned on the edge of the flap. ?If the cap was meant for wear by staff members then the gold Tresse should have interwoven red. ?The top of this cap is crimson indication service in the SA high command. ?It must be noted that from June 1936 this form of gold Tresse was abolished." ?
The kepi is in excellent condition with the exception of the synthetic leather sweatband, which has deteriorated as can be seen in the photographs. ?
SA kepis are extremely difficult to find, and Leader's kepis much much more so and are seldom found on the market. ?A rare opportunity to add a leader's kepi that has been documented in an excellent reference book.

SA Kepi, Standartenführer, Featured in Headgear Reference#3494

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