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Recently, I had the opportunity to examine what is most likely an original ring, at MAX 2009 (though I examined it only briefly).  The owner wished me to write an evaluation of the piece.  Of interest to me on this ring was a horizontal line that extended across the surface of the runes in the double-rune panel, on the back side of the ring.  I first thought this line was a scratch.  However, upon further examination under magnification, I determined that the line was in fact a casting seam.  I have observed this line on one other ring, in exactly the same place.   In all probability, the line was formed at the juncture between the two halves of the casting mold, and were never cleaned off when the ring was hand finished.  This line is not to be confused with the horizontal line that appears below the runes.  This line is present on most rings (including this ring) and is merely a feature of the original mold.  It appears in most original rings produced during the 1940s.

This ring is yet another example that provides physical evidence that rings were investment cast, and not die-struck.  The presence of this line can only be explained within the rubrik of the cast, and not die-struck as many collectors previously thought prior to the publication of my book.  It should be noted that there exist obvious copies of what I believe may be this ring.  Similar projects have been executed using other original rings, throughout history, with mixed results.  Please note that this article, like the other articles in this series, is a work in progress, and I will update readers as more information becomes available.
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