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Low digit blood order grouping to Wilhelm Friedrich Loeper, who was an SS Gruppenfuhrer and Gauleiter of Magdeburg-Anhalt.  After decorated combat in WWI, Loeper became leader of a Freikorps unit that saw deployment both in the Baltic States and the Ruhr area. In this capacity, he was involved in quelling the Spartakus uprising.  After Hitler's Putsch in which Loeper participated, he joined the Nazis in 1924.  In 1930, he was elected to the Reichstag.  In 1934, he became a Gruppenfuhrer in the SS.  He died in 1935 of throat cancer.  The group consists of a stone mint condition Blood Order, with more lacquer than I have ever seen on an example.  The number is very low - 47!  The Gold Party badge also reflects his low party number.  Other items in the group include his Iron Cross 1st Class, his black wound badge, and the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Military Merit Cross (Mecklenburg-Schwerines Milit√§rverdienstkreuz), First Class.  Very rare to get a set like this, given the condition of the artifacts, the importance and rank of the recipient, and low numbers involved on the "key" medals.  I was going to put this in my personal collection, but "overspending" at MAX caused me to make choices.  Where is my lottery ticket?
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Blood Order Group to Gauleiter and SS Gruppenfuhrer#3488

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