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I acquired this beautiful Luftwaffe dagger directly from the English family of the soldier who returned with it as a war souvenir after WWII.  It is an artificial damascus dagger, most likely made by Krebs.  Exterior bears beautifully gold colored swastikas on each side of the pommel.  Scabbard is very dark, and is actually heavily silver plated.  The blade is small rosebud artificial damascus, and bears raised gold motifs on both sides of the blade.  The obverse depicts a floral panel, inside which is written "Lever dood ΓΌs Slaw" which is Plattdeutsch (a local dialect) which means "better to be dead than to be a slave."  The reverse bears a set of initials giving a clue as to the original owner's name.  These raised elements retain over 90% of the gold coloring.  I have replaced the hangers on this dagger (the hangers that came with the dagger were very soiled), but both sets remain with this dagger to preserve history).
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Luftwaffe Dagger, Artificial Damascus with Raised Lettering#3392

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