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The original Andrew Mollo series 'Uniforms of the SS' was a groundbreaking work when it was first published, and the set is still in demand, difficult to find, and very expensive. Because of the scholarship and research, as well as photographs of original uniforms, headgear, equipment, and flags from Mollo's collection, period photographs, and detailed drawings, it is still an invaluable reference. ?This is the 6 volume set that was reprinted in the U.K. in 1997, and includes volume 1, The Allgemeine SS; volume 2, Germanische SS 1940-45; volume 3, SS Verfügungstruppe 1933-1939; volume 4, SS Totenkopfverbände; volume 5, Sicherheitsdienst und Sicherheitspolizei 1931-1945; and volume 6, Waffen SS Clothing and Equipment 1939-1945. ?An absolute must for the serious SS collector and researcher!

Andrew Mollo Uniforms of the SS, 6 Volumes in 1#3387

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