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This is a very rare bird, a Luftwaffe dagger in Damascus by Paul Weyersberg.  It's not only rare because it's damascus, but also because Paul Weyersberg Luftwaffe daggers are themselves very rare to find.  The fittings of this example match those found in Tom Wittmann's book on Luftwaffe daggers perfectly.  External condition is decent, with no damage, and only slight wear.  Blade is 4-band damascus, with a raised gold trademark of the Weyersberg company.  Tang is a stick-tang, ground down to fit the grip, and so the tang is unmarked.  Please note - the tip is slightly shorter than normal, suggesting that it was damaged at some point and repaired.  If you didn't measure the tip against a normally sized dagger, you wouldn't notice it.  They did an OUTSTANDING job of repairing the tip.  The blade is about 1 inch too short.  If this was not the case, this'd be a $15,000 dagger.  However, due to the tip issue, I'm offering this piece at what I consider to be a real bargain.
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Luftwaffe Dagger, Damascus, Weyersberg#3377

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