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According to this book, Nazism secured the compliance of the German people not because of Hitler’s charisma or Goebbels’s propaganda, nor because of its anti-Semitic policies or the Gestapo’s ruthlessness. A majority of Germans were not seduced or scared by the Nazis. On the contrary, their loyalty to the regime was bought and paid for — quite literally so.  Many explanations account for the complicity of the German people during the Holocaust years of Hitler's Germany (I would argue this period falls somewhere between 1941 and 1945). 

According to this book, nothing more than an unremarkable pursuit of self-interest led most Germans to pledge allegiance to the Nazi regime. Germans wanted their children to have nice Christmas gifts. They wanted to set aside money for retirement. They wanted to send a special someone back home ... perfumed soap from France. Citizens were sated with decent wages, generous overtime pay and innovative pension plans — that is, through the establishment of a complex, if absolutely amoral, welfare state.  The author makes a serious and well-researched attempt to put the “socialism” back in National Socialism. And in so doing, he offers his own explanation for why so many Germans closed their eyes to the systematic expropriation of Jewish property and ultimately to the deportation of their Jewish fellow citizens.
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Hitler's Beneficiaries, Out of Print Hard Cover#3341

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