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With a Curio & Relic firearms license from BATF, you can purchase virtually any firearm that is on BATF's Curio & Relic List, directly from any FFL License holder.  You can buy on the internet, across state lines, and they can ship directly to you without background checks, waiting periods, and other red tape.  Even if you live in California, you can buy a Luger, for example, from a dealer at a show, and after giving him a copy of your C&R, the dealer can hand the gun over to you, without any paperwork or waiting periods! 

You'll need an application from which can be obtained by calling BATF at 404-417-2750.  You will receive your forms (it's called an ATF Form 7CR) in 4 to 6 weeks.  You will fill two copies out.  One goes to BATF, and the other goes to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your area.  You may wish to enclose a cover letter explaining why you are sending the form to them, but you don’t have to take additional action (send via certified mail, return receipt, in case there are ever any questions).  

Once you receive your license, you can shop with any FFL dealer, who can send you guns directly in the mail, with no regulations.  You'll have to keep records of your purchases (BATF will send you information on what information you have to keep on file). Although you are allowed to sell guns to other C&R collectors to improve your collection, the Curio & Relic license is NOT a license to become a dealer.  A good rule of thumb is that you buy more guns than you sell.
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