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Curio and relic laws in California have long been a confusing topic for firearm owners. After receiving requests for clarification, a memorandum of law regarding the transfer of curio or relic firearms was drafted by the Law Office of Trutanich-Michel, LLP. This memorandum of law is reprinted below, and includes hypothetical questions and answers to further clarify any ambiguities.
This memorandum was provided to the California Department of Justice for review and comment. The California Department of Justice responded to the memorandum of law by stating they have "no objection to the statutory interpretations contained therein." You can download the PDF here to view their official reply. This project is the intellectual property of CD Michael, and is reprinted here. It is the best answer to the questions regarding Curio & Relic firearms transactions within and between California C&R license holders and others. Click the image below to see the full article.

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Curio and Relic Laws in California#3298

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