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Knights Cross with Oakleaves.  The cross is marked L/12, which was the contract number for the firm of C.E Juncker Berlin.  Conventional wisdom states that these were early to mid period award pieces.  Interior corners of the frame exhibit "cross-hatching" found on these specimens (see Maerz, page 62).

Obverse core features almsot perfect paint, uncleaned.  Reverse of frame is marked "800 L/12."  Reverse paint is also nearly flawless, and uncleaned.  In place of the suspension loop, this cross exhibits a beautiful 900/21 marked Oakleaf device which, given the perfectly matching patina, I believe is original to the cross.

This is the 2nd type Oakleaf by Godet (the first type being marked L/50).  The oakleaves exhibit the details covered on page 256-257 of the Maerz book, and the numerals on the reverse are correctly struck.  The case is in superb matching condition.

Given the very nice indentation in the interior lid, it is my opinion (and the opinion o Bill Shea, who originally sold this cross) that the entire set has been together since 1945.  Ribbon is full-length.  The set is unconditionally guaranteed by me, and also comes with Bill Shea's evaluation from 2003.
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Knights Cross with Oakleaves#3292

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